Streamline the way you
manage household employment

with an all-in-one payroll and HR solution custom-built for
individuals and families with private staff

TEAM Private Family Services partners with family offices, private banks, and their clients to provide an Employer of Record solution that is designed to manage all aspects of household employment, including payroll, taxes, insurance, and employer liability.

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Streamlining household employment for…

Outsourced Household Employment Services for Private Families


Relieve the responsibility of managing employment
questions, issues, and complexities
Protect against the risk of employment claims and
lawsuits, which can be time-consuming, costly, and
reputationally damaging
Attract and retain top talent by providing employees
with robust benefits and dedicated support


Unburden your team from the complex daily challenges
of employment-related administration and HR
Expand the scope of value that you offer to your clients
with household employees
Get time back in your day to focus on what is important

Outsourced Household Employment Services for Family Offices and Advisors
Outsourced Household Employment Services for Domestic Staff


Have confidence that your pay will be timely and
Gain access to premium benefits including medical,
dental, and vision insurance and retirement plans
Get fast, dedicated support on any payroll and HR-
related questions

TEAM Private Family Services is a proud member of The Family Wealth Alliance, the only membership organization focused exclusively on connecting the North American multifamily wealth community.

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