About Team

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Our History

Co-founders Terry Keating and Art Candland founded TEAM in the early 2000s when a series of bank trusts and corporate fiduciaries were found liable for large employment-related claims. Because the trusts were considered the employers of record, and because employment liability is one of the few things that can pierce the veil of a trust, significant settlements had to be paid by both the trust and the fiduciary.

Our Purpose

TEAM was founded in 2003 and is proud to partner with hundreds of fiduciaries, advisors, family offices, and the families they serve. Our purpose is to relieve trusts, estates, and individual families from the responsibility and liability of employing household staff. We strive to make household employment easy and safe in an increasingly complex employment landscape. Although TEAM serves a wide variety of relationships, we have developed several specialties in addition to standard household employment: special needs trusts and trusts providing for elder care, and high net worth families. TEAM has cultivated the employment expertise, institutional knowledge, and client-first mindset needed to manage household workers in a simple and compliant manner, all while respecting our clients’ wishes and unique needs.

As the employer, we handle the entire employee life cycle – from hiring to termination, and everything in between – while remaining true to our core values of compassion, flexibility, and unparalleled service. We are proud to provide our service in an equal and fair manner with direct clients and third parties alike.

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Our Model

With TEAM, families refer workers for hire, meaning they can choose people that they know and trust to work in their homes. Once a worker is identified, TEAM will verify employment eligibility, perform a background check, process hiring paperwork, and manage all employee administration. We always ensure that our clients stay informed and that the family receives the highest level of service.

Our Team

Our team consists of dedicated client service and human resources specialists, an operational support team, and a seasoned management team bringing decades of experience in risk management, business processes outsourcing, employment law, human resources, payroll processing, benefits administration, and client service.